Why Buy Stand Up Paddle Boards

sup-rentalsFor avid surfers and paddle board enthusiasts, a day spent catching waves on the open water is the ultimate dream. Many opt to buy stand up paddle boards online to enhance their surfing experience. Paddle boards are similar to traditional surf boards. The difference in the sport is that surfers remain standing and navigate using a long paddle to propel through bodies of water.

If an individual is new to the sport, he will soon discover there are numerous advantages of stand up paddle boarding when compared to traditional surfing. Novices and beginners realize that once they buy stand up paddle boards it is fairly easy to learn. It only takes an hour or two of paddle board experience to immediately become comfortable and feel at home on the board.

Another advantage of the sport is that it is designed for both women and men. Paddle boarding is quickly emerging as a popular sport among women. In fact, due to women’s physically lower center of gravity, they often possess more paddle boarding skills than men. An increasing number of women are making the decision to buy stand up paddle boards.

Athletes also take advantage of the benefits included with paddle boarding. The sport provides a robust and vigorous core workout. Cross-over athletes buy stand up paddle boards to use during training.

If an individual is a seasoned surfer, then he will be sure to appreciate the versatility of options when he chooses to buy stand up paddle boards. Surfers are able to catch more waves from a standing position. The optimal view allows the user to visually locate incoming wave sets. Surfing instructors use the same vantage point when teaching students the basics of surfing.

Before making the decision to buy stand up paddle boards online, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. The price of a paddle board depends greatly on its materials and design. A newly customized paddle board costs on average $600 to $1500. The price also depends on the material used to manufacture the paddle board. The better quality material used in construction, the more expensive the paddle board.

When deciding to buy stand up paddle boards online, read the product construction details carefully. The most popular paddle boards are constructed with glass-reinforced plastic with an epoxy resin and the core constructed of expanded polystyrene foam.

It is also common in some models during manufacturing that a hollow-wood construction is used instead of the epoxy resin. In the past couple of years inflatable boards have also became popular.