What to Know When Deciding to Buy Stand Up Paddle Boards

2011-12-29_17-27-48_142Paddle boarding is a popular new trend that is literally making waves. For many avid surfers it is an extreme adrenaline rush being able to virtually walk on water. Though the sport can be mastered in no time, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding to buy stand up paddle boards. It is important to become familiar with paddle board equipment before catching the waves.

There are two basic parts of a paddle board: the paddle board and the paddle. When an individual is about to buy stand up paddle boards online he will notice there are various board sizes and lengths available. Factors such as an individual’s body weight and level of experience can help form a decision to buy stand up paddle boards. Narrower-sized boards are ideal for lighter individuals with experience paddle boarding. Wider and flatter boards are recommended for beginners and larger paddle boards provide novices with a more stable platform.
When shopping to buy stand up paddle boards an individual will also need to purchase a paddle. The angle, or elbows, in a paddle’s shaft can offer the user maximum efficiency to navigate through the water. Ideally, a paddle should be six to eight inches taller in height than the user. It is not uncommon to see paddlers with a paddle that is eight to ten inches taller per a manufacturer’s recommendation.

Sun protection is also necessary when a person decides to buy stand up paddle boards. An individual should choose a sunscreen with a SPF that is appropriate for his skin type. In addition, a paddler should wear sunglasses to protect his eyes.
Finally, once a person decides to buy stand up paddle board online, it is essential that one wear comfortable clothing according to elements he’ll be in. Do not forget that hypothermia is a serious concern in cold water. Wear a dry suit or wetsuit for protection. Warmer water is ideal for swim shorts and bathing suits.