THE SUP Paddle By Advanced Elements

SUP Paddle By Advanced ElementsIf you are a fan of water and water-based sports, then the SUP paddle by advanced elements may be of interest to you. This paddle is a great tool to have if you enjoy kayaking. The paddle has a number of things going for it that make this product worth considering.


The SUP paddle is an adjustable length paddle that can stretch anywhere from 170 cm to 210 cm. This makes it a great option for multiple uses. You can use it to paddle your kayak in different types of waters, where the breadth may be varying.


The SUP paddle is made of an aluminium shaft. This shaft allows for heavy duty grips without any possibility of breaks. The material is also relatively light, which in turn ensures that you can paddle easily. The aluminium metal shaft is also unlikely to rust easily. This means that you can use the paddle for a long time to come thus getting great value for your money. Even under harsh weather conditions, the strength of aluminium will keep the paddle functioning as it should.

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The aluminium shaft is made in two parts for a reason. You can take it apart whenever you need to. This will make it much easier for you to store the paddle in places where the space is quite limited.

The pin lock feature is quite easy to implement. You can use it whenever you want to adjust the length of the SUP paddle. This ensures that you do not have to struggle to adjust the paddle as you are using it. Doing so may cause problems for you, especially if you are in difficult waters. In addition, the pin locking mechanism ensures that you can adjust the length of the paddle securely without worrying that one part is going to move when you do not want it to.

The total weight of the paddle is about 2 pounds in total. Part of thus lightweight feature can be attributed to the aluminium shaft, which is strong, by quite light. You need a strong but light paddle when you are kayaking. Such a paddle is strong enough to use in various types of water. However, because the paddle is also light, you will not feel as if your hands are being dragged down by the excess weight. The SUP paddle may therefore come in handy if you want to kayak competitively within your friends in tow.

The paddle has a ripped blade shape. This blade is around inches by inches in size. The ripped feature contributes largely to the stiffness of the paddle and the blade. You will be in a much better position to go through water while kayaking with less effort and strength. You will not have to worry about the paddle getting bent out of shape and possibly breaking, which can be quite troublesome when plenty of water surrounds you.


The SUP paddle by Advanced Elements has great features that make it a great option for kayaking.

The price of the paddle is fair considering the value it gives you.


The paddle is limited to two major colors: black and silver.

Bottom Line

The SUP paddle is well worth your money if you are looking for a good paddle, which has great features. The color limitations are not worth worrying about.

Read Reviews About This Paddle At Amazon