The AQUA MARINA SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Board

In the competitive world of Paddle Boards, the AQUA MARINA SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Board has emerged as one of the most popular board this season. Allowing users to experience paddle boarding at its best, the particular paddle board The AQUA MARINE SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Boardgives everyone a chance to show off their skills while looking good. And being inflatable, it does not even end up eating up a lot of space. So let’s take a closer look at what the AQUA MARINA has to offer its users and what others have to say about it.

The Spec Sheet

• Board Length – 900 cm (9’9″)
• Board Width – 75 cm (30″)
• Board Thickness – 10 cm (4″)
• Deck – EVA foam, non-slip
• Net Weight – 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
• Total Load Capacity – 209 lbs (95 kg)
• Air Chamber – 1 nos
• Fins – 3 removable (2 small, 1 large)
• Max Passenger – 1

• Color – 1 (lime green)

Additional Accessories – High Pressure Hand-Pump, Repair Kit, Pressure Gauge, Sports T-Bar Paddle, Advanced Bag

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The Pro’s


Aqua Marine Spk 1 SUP resizeThe aqua marina is truly one of those boards which has been designed keeping the everyday boarder in mind. But what makes it one of the most popular choices for the masses this season would definitely have to be the ease with which it can be carried around. Being completely inflatable, the board can be carried around anywhere and it can be fit into almost anything. Just take out the air, pack the board back into the bag and voila, you’re ready to head on to your next boarding destination.

The overall look of this board is also something which cannot be ignored that easily, because this is easily one of the best looking inflatable boards out there today. And the best part is that unlike other inflatable boards, it also comes with an included repair kit, which allows users to repair their board anywhere. This is truly a feature which comes in extremely handy when boarding over some jagged rocks.

The Con’s


Even though, this is one of the most popular choices this season, there are a couple of cons which simply cannot go unnoticed. The first con for this board would definitely have to be the missing color palate. You would have to admit that the lime green color of the board truly helps it to stand out, but being available in only one color, the board is unable to match up to your personality.

The second con would have to be the limitation of one boarder only. Which means it can only be used by one person at a time, and this restricts the board to remain confined as a starter board.


What Others Have to Say


Now that you have gone through the complete spec sheet and list of pro’s and con’s, it’s that time again to hear what others have to say about the Inflatable Paddle Board. And it goes something like this :

• Even though, I had to get an electric pump to reach the 15 PSI mark, this is one of the best starter boards there is. (T. Hoeting, Amazon)

• The manual pump only goes up to 10 PSI, which makes this board perfect for smaller people. But if you’re able to get upto the 15 PSI mark using an electric pump, this is the starter board you should be looking for. (Josh Reedy, Amazon)

• I love it, I recommend it, lets paddle up for the summer ahead (Andre Zorba, Amazon)

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