Ten Toes iSUP theWEEKENDER Review

81SA+E0Sw0L._SL1500_These days it’s easy to find the market full of different types of paddle boards; however for the SUP and stand up paddle board they do provide a new trend in water sport. Unfortunately the two do not have enough features as compared to theTen Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP, theWEEKENDER, which can enable you to have more fun in your water sport activity; the features that come with this new paddle board are as below.

Provides For Stability: The paddle board does provide for stability because it easy to maneuver and less intimidating when using, thus if you are a beginner then you do not need to be frightened when using it for the board will guarantee to your support thus ensuring you are safe.

Indestructible: Another thing about this paddle board is that when it comes into contact with any rock or any item that you think can cause physical damage to it, you are wrong because the paddle board has been build in such a way that it is made of military grade PVC thus as the owner you are assured of using your board for a long time.

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Easy Transport And Storage: The ten toes paddleboard also does provide for easy transportation and storage , for the transportational part is that it weighs less than two pounds which make it easier to carry .And for the storage part the paddle board can easily be rolled into a compact package and make it easier for you to store.

Manual Pump And Repair Kit: The paddle board also does have manual pump that can enable you to load it when it is deflated, also there is a repair kit that comes with it, which might help you to do some minor repair or adjustment on any of its gadget.


Quality Material: The paddle board is made of material that can last longer, thus ensuring of low maintenance cost for the board

Transport And Store: The paddle board is also easier to move with it, moreover it can also be easily stored.

Fun And Exercise: By having this paddle board you will be able to have tons of fun, adding to that you will also get to give your body some exercise.

With the above features of this particular Paddleboard, you now can see why this paddle board can be of benefit to you once you get to have it, so my advice is for you to go for this paddle board that will provide you with more fun and water sport experience.