Surftech Venture Aluminum Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle

Surftech-Adjustable-length-Venture-Aluminum-SUP-Stand-Up-Paddleboard-PaddleThis is one of the best paddles for those who are starting out in stand-up paddleboarding. It helps you to learn faster and is also quite convenient for family use. It enables one to learn how to balance on smooth lakes, waves or whatever that comes in between. Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the latest kinds of water sports that many people have started to gain interest in. It is a sport that is somewhere in between canoeing and surfing and is quite fun.

Features of Surftech venture aluminum adjustable stand-up paddle

It is quite strong and has an aluminum shaft that is light in weight to enable one to paddle with easy especially for learners. The shaft is of standard size hence it is convenient for use by different people. This stand-up paddle is built for touring or riding on waves. It contains a 12 degree angle strong plastic blade with a structural rib which is quite durable. You can adjust it at 67 inches to 83 inches depending on what suits you most. This allows anyone to fit in perfectly even with the single paddle. You can find this stand-up paddle mostly in red or black so it’s up to you to decide on the color.

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This stand-up paddle measures between 67-3 inches in length and has a standard shaft diameter size of 1.16 inches. Its weight is 41 oz which equals 1162.33 g. The ABS blade of this stand-up paddle measures 8.5 inches.

Firstly, it offers great balance whenever you are riding it. If you are learning how to paddle you can bash its shaft on a dock with ease without causing any accident or getting injured. Thirdly, it is built with a T-grip handle which can easily fit in any person’s paws. This prevents the user from having claw cramps as one is learning to paddle. You need not to worry about the plastic blade because it is safe for any user even when the stand-up paddle accidentally comes into contact with a solid object like a rock. Last but not least it is the best paddle to use if you want to switch from flat water to wave riding. The Surftech model is one of the best to go for in the market.

Generally the Surftech Venture Aluminum Adjustable Stand-up paddle is worth spending money on because of its great features. It is not only convenient for home use for family members, but those in business can invest in it too. This is because it offers the convenience of allowing different paddlers to use it with ease. Most of the reviews on this product actually indicate that it is quite good. It can be bought from online stores or even offline at an affordable price. Always ensure that it has all the above mentioned features before buying this stand-up paddle. This is because quality is what actually matters most. A stand-up paddle with all the essential features is safe for use and makes paddleboarding such a fun activity to engage in.