Surftech SUP Carry Sling Review

Surftech SUP Carry Sling ReviewAre you crazy about surf boarding? If you do have a paddleboard but lack the right equipments to carry it with you to the shore, then here is the cool Surftech SUP Carry Sling which is both comfortable and stylish. We’ve often watched surfers carrying their boards on their shoulders but what if you want something more convenient?

If you want to carry your stand up paddleboard in the most comfortable and handy manner, this Sling is the ideal pick. There have been many reviews regarding the sling which has simplified conveyance of large surfboards to the beach.

What Is The Need?

Surftech is popular American based surfboard manufacturing company that specializes at producing polystyrene boards with the reputation of being the largest manufacturer in the world. The company has recently launched a new product that is innovative and stylish. With this Carry Sling can be an additional purchase with the SUP surfboard that ensures stable carriage of the board.

While walking down the beach you don’t have to worry about your surfboard falling and cracking. If you’re out on the beach on a lazy day and just want a run in the waves, then the SUP carry sling is ideal since it decreases your work load.

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Principle advantage of buying this Sling is that it supports the heavy weight of the surfboard on your shoulders. The strap attached to the sling bag is composed of fibers that ensure durability. One of the best features of the surfboard is that it allows you to walk down the beach hands free! It is in fact as easy as it looks with several side pockets for storage.

Without having to carry a sling bag and a surfboard over your shoulders you can instead use the SUP carry sling for its multi-purpose character. If you’re choosing convenience over an hour’s labor, the sling is the perfect choice for you.

With adjustable straps the SUP sling properly fits on your shoulders with another strap that allows you to carry your paddle alongside. Apart from being so conveniently useful, Surftech has introduced the sling to improve accessibility and Surftech SUP Carry Slingmake travel comfortable. Imagine walking around under the burning glaze of the sun with a surfboard on your shoulders.

It certainly won’t be a comfortable sight if you’re dead tired after a long swim and surf in the waters. Introduced back in 2013, the sling has become a popular pick for surfers today who enjoy using it during their everyday surf paddles.


As per reviews, not many complaints have been made with respect to this product which is ideal for every kind of surfboard. Despite being a lightweight and reliable surfboard, the only demerit it consists of is that it is useless for lighter boards.


This very well made sling makes going to the beach easier and quicker. Particularly known as a carrying device, it is easy to manage the sling and place onto the surfboard. If you’re going paddling you won’t forget to carry your paddle with the additional pocket that has been placed on the sling. Apart from that you can fit in other items like a wetsuit while you’re off to the beach or the lake. Surftech is a sophisticated and easy-to-use sling for anybody who loves the water!