Solstice Aluminum SUP Paddle Aluminum/Black Review

A Solstice Aluminum SUP paddle, Aluminum Black, 84 inch reviewWater-oriented escapades, most especially paddleboarding, can be the ideal way of utmost relaxation and more to the point, spending some quality time with your family and friends.

Most individuals that love outdoor excursions close to the water get an immense kick from rowing up and down rivers, lakes and even the expansive ocean. Which is one of the most adrenaline and fun-filled pastime that anyone could ever engage in.

Despite this, it is always important to note that without the appropriate gear, such ordinarily pleasurable activities, can often turn into veritable nightmares that can dissuade you from ever indulging in them again.

More so when it comes to the distinct kind of paddle you use. With the overabundance of such products available in the market, it can be extremely challenging to distinguish the ideal paddle amongst the multitude of mediocre ones.

This, however, can now be a thing of the past, and by giving the Solstice paddle a try you can rapidly transform your kayaking or even paddleboarding experience into a genuine nirvana. That will always have you yearning with baited breath for the next time you can hit the outdoors.

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To begin with, this product is made of a solid aluminum construction, and is essentially a 3-piece adjustable paddle. This undoubtedly means it is of remarkably high quality and can withstand even the most gruesome of utilization without any detrimental effect on its functionality.

It uses an adjustable compression system that can effortlessly permit you to regulate the strokes you make while on water. Which in extension significantly minimizes the effort required to effectually steer your craft without expending a lot of energy. This paddle can very easily be adjusted from a minimum height of 67” to a maximum height of 87”, presenting plenty of options in effectively regulating it to the exact circumstances you might find yourself in.

Further, this product comes with a highly versatile composite blade that has a heat shrink wrap functionality at the exact point it meets the aluminum handle. This basically means that it will always stay firmly fixed in place while you use this paddle. While also going a long way to guarantee that you can utilize this product without having to worry about replacing this blade prematurely.

Which ultimately makes buying this paddle a very shrewd and cost effective decision when it comes to the all your water sports adventures. Finally, this phenomenal adjustable paddle features an extremely ergonomic T-shaped handle that comes with an indispensable comfort grip. Which will undoubtedly make sure that you do not have to strain your hand to effectually operate as it fits perfectly into your grip.

On the flipside, due to its aluminum construction this paddle cannot float on water and you will have to extra caution while using it to ensure that it does not slip from your grip. All in all, this paddle is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to effortlessly and conveniently steering your way through water.