Newport Vessels Adjustable Umami Stand Up Paddleboard

Newport Vessels Adjustable Umami Stand Up PaddleboardSince the year 2008, the Newport Vessels have been specializing in manufacturing premium-quality inflatable boats. The Newport Vessels have applied their many years-of inflatable boat-building knowledge and experience directly to the sport-of Stand up Paddle boarding and the result is the high quality Umami SUP manufactured by the Newport Vessels which is one of the most durable, functional and one of the best looking inflatable-Stand up Paddleboards that is on the market today.

The Newport Vessels manufacturers produce some of the highest best quality paddles along with various other inflatable boat accessories and they are backed by they provide some of the best, top notch customer services in the boating industry.

The Fiberglass Umami SUP-paddle by Newport Vessel is basically a fully adjustable stand-up paddle-board paddle which can be easily adjusted from 65 Inch long all-the-way up to 82 Inch long.

The paddle normally fits nearly all user sizes ranging from kids or small children all the way to 6’5 Inch tall adults. This paddle shaft is typically constructed using highly strong yet light weight fiber glass & can be easily broken down to 3 separate-pieces for easy storage.

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The Newport Vessels Adjustable-Umami Stand Up Paddle-board Fiberglass Paddle is pretty long, and it will give the user a good and firm bite while in the water & it is comfortable to the hand when boating. For someone who is about 6 inches tall, the optimum paddle-length can be about 6’6 inches or 6 inches and above the head.

Unless you’re over 8 inches tall this great paddle can be easily adjusted to suit your size. The paddle’s twist tight adjustment will allow you to easily-adjust the length & when well secured in the hand tightly, the T-handle is quite rigid and doesn’t easily twist. This high quality paddle from Newport Vessels also easily breaks down to enable easy storage-at a point that is below the twist-tight adjustment, it is a push-button and a pull apart connection which is very secure & it is not likely-to come off or apart accidentally.

The Newport vessels paddle is also quite portable. It also has a great angle which allows the user to have a near vertical-insertion whenever they are reaching towards the nose-of the paddleboard for a full-paddle stroke.

– It has a fiberglass stand-up-paddle board-paddle by the Newport Vessels (which is ultra light weight)
– It has a three piece assembly which allows for a small storage-size or/and portability
-It has a fully adjustable shaft-section which allows for the paddle length to-be adjusted from about 65 Inches to 82 Inches
-The paddle can fit most people ranging from kids or small-children to 6’5 Inch adults.
– The Ultra light weight paddle weighs about 2.3 pounds and it has fiberglass-shaft
-It is fully adjustable
-It allows for easy portability and will require a small size or space for storage.
-The adjustable shaft section feature ensure the paddle will fit people of different sizes.
-The paddle has an aluminum shaft

Other Product Details:
The product length is approximately about 6.0 inches
The product width is about 1.0 inches
The product height is about 36.0 inches
The package length is about 35.0 inches
The package width is about 9.0 inches
The package height is about 3.0 inches