Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch Inflatable Stand-up PaddleBoard Review

naish stand up paddle boardIf you’re an adventurous person who likes to surf or enjoys water sports using a SUP board, choose the Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable stand-up paddleboard and have fun with water even if you’re on a budget. This SUP board is made from quality materials and would allow you to save money on other inflatable SUP boards available in the market today. Read some of its reviews and figure out why many consider it rather than some brands of inflatable SUP board.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from This SUP

Anyone who likes paddleboarding on water using inflatable SUP board may want to purchase the Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable stand-up paddle board, but it is only suitable for light riders as it will only accommodate up to 170 pounds. So, if you have a weight that is higher than 170 pounds, you need to seek for other items that would handle your weight.

Product Description

The Naish Mana AIR was designed with safety in mind. This high quality and premium inflatable stand-up paddle board was built with extra width and thickness to meet high standards and for unmatched stability and firmness. When compared to other brands, it is incredibly durable, compact, and stable so traveling paddlers can ride it on either rocky bottom flat water, whitewater or any surf conditions. Naish Mana AIR  is the perfect choice for riders and paddlers that are light and and are on a budget.

The Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable stand-up paddle board is jam packed with high-end features. It comes with a complete robust carry case and gauge pump that is high pressure so you can easily fill your inflatable SUP board with air and use it after few minutes. The length of this inflatable SUP board is ten-feet and it has a width of 33 inches. Its thickness is four inch and weighs a total of 22 pounds. The maximum weight of rider should be approximately 170 pounds.

Product Features

  • High quality and premium inflatable stand up paddle board which was designed with extra width and thickness for unbeatable stability and firmness.
  • Incredibly durable, stable as well as compact  for traveling purposes like surfing in whitewater or rocky water.
  • Built for lighter paddlers and riders that need transportability on a budget.
  • Features complete durable carry case and gauge pump that is high pressure.
  • Weighs 22 lbs and can accommodate riders 170 pounds and below.


The Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable board is best known for its quality and durability. Some of its users said that it is simple to use and you can fill it with air within several minutes because it comes with a gauge pump that is high pressure. Aside from its durability and quality, you can also ensure that it can offer you long term benefits as it’s made to last for many years.


There are still no cons about the Naish Mana stand-up paddle board. This only means that the item is high quality and won’t cause you to  waste your money. However, if you have encountered some issues, its manufacturer advised its consumers to contact them immediately so they could easily respond on their concerns.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable stand-up paddle board got an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. One of the customer reviewers stated that he had purchased it last summer and is still enjoying it today. He also added that because of this item, he is now paddleboarding regularly. That is why he highly recommends it to some paddlers and riders who are looking for quality SUP boards as this top notch quality item comes with a reasonable price that can be enjoyed by anyone who is on a budget.


Naish Mana AIR stand-up paddle board is a must have item if you are hooked on paddleboarding and other activities on the water. It’s made from high quality materials that will guarantee you that it is well worth the money and will last and last.

Moreover, it has everything that you need when it comes to inflatable SUP board. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase one now and experience the real thrill on water without spending large amount of money. But, before you purchase Naish Mana AIR 4-Inch inflatable stand-up paddle board, it would be wise for you to consider reading some of its reviews because this could give you ideas about its pros and cons. Such reviews could also offer you ideas which would help you make final decision. Get this high quality inflatable board and save money from purchasing low quality items.