Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair Kit

Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair KitOne of the greatest features of the Jobe inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is that it comes in different sizes to suit customers needs. Many clients wishing to purchase paddle boards look at the different sizes available before making a choice. The available sizes are 10″6, 11″6 and 12″6. Having different sizes ensures that customers are able to get what they need depending on their body size. The paddle board comes in three colors: red, race red and green.

This paddle board also comes with several safety features put in place. One of these D-ring for ankle leash, which is made of strong material to ensure safety. In addition, the Paddle board also comes with the EVA anti-slip pad and a Hankley Robberts Valve. These features are put in place to assure customers of the utmost safety when using the inflatable SUP.

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Another important feature on any inflatable paddle board is the portability of the board. The Jobe comes with a webbing carrying handle for easy carrying of the board. It also comes with 3 detachable fins to suit the needs of the user. The Paddle board also comes with a waterproof tarpaulin carrying bag. Since paddle boards are used in the water, having a dry bag is an important feature. In addition, the bag that comes with this Paddle board has backpack straps making it easy to carry around. This is especially applicable when going to and from the beach.

The usability of any inflatable paddle board determines a user’s experience with the product. First, the Jobe inflatable SUP comes with an adjustable 3-section paddle. A user can adjust the paddle to appropriate height thus making it easy to use, carry and store. This is a feature that makes the Jobe inflatable SUP popular amongst many customers. Moreover, this model also includes a high pressure hand pump with gauge. The pump is easy to use thus making it easier for users to inflate their paddle boards.

There are both positive and negative customer reviews. Positive reviews come from customers who feel the product is very functional and versatile. Features such as the D-ring and the ankle leash are seen as a good addition to the product. The large dry carrying bag is also a good feature mentioned by some customers. For customers who reviewed the product negatively, the bulky nature of the package seemed to be a disappointing factor. Secondly, some customers feel that the hand pump is not as effective as it should be as it takes a lot of time to inflate the paddle.

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