Isle 12 ft 6 inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Isle 12 ft 6 inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is designed by The Isle Company that is trusted widely in the manufacturer of Stand Up Paddles meant for all levels of experience. Isle has been making  and selling Surfboards & Isle 12ft 6inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardPaddle Boards for 10 years. They offer the highest quality inflatable boards on the market for close to wholesale price. Below is a detailed review that will guide you in deciding whether the paddle board is fit for your needs.

Here Are The Product Details Of This Inflatable Paddle Board

Dimensions-The board with deflated dimensions measures 1ft in diameter with a 36 inch width. Those with inflated dimensions have a measurement of 12’6”*31”*6”.

Weight– It weighs approximately 32 pounds.

Accessories– The board comes with accompanying accessories. Some of the accessories include:

  • Removable travel fins.
  • Adjustable travel paddles.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Repair kit.

Color– The board looks great in blue color. They are spiced up with a few new logos and simple accents that make them outshine other similar products in the market.

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· Easy to store and transport.

The board can be stored easily by rolling it up into a small size.

· It has a sleek fast design.

The sleek design is suitable in effectively breaking the water during long distance paddling. It can also support multi or single riders weighing up to 300 pounds.

· It is highly durable.

Users do not have to worry about damage or dings. It is made from military grade material that is highly versatile.

· Increased rigidity/buoyancy.

This has been made possible by increasing the thickness and width of the board by a few inches. The strength and quality of the PVC material used has also been improved to boost the board’s rigidity/ buoyancy.

· A manufacturer’s warranty worth 2 years. The warranty covers material defects and any problems arising from workmanship.

· Return policy.

Customers experience no hassles when buying the board. They are assured of a 30 Day return policy that gives them the confidence they need with the Paddle Board. The return policy is valid within the set period of purchase and is applicable for customers who do not find it useful after purchase. The board should be returned whether new or used. The company stands behind every product they make.


The paddle board is expensive. It costs approximately $799.00 on However, the price is favorable for the accessories and benefits the customer enjoys.

Customer reviews

Several existing customer reviews indicate customer satisfaction in the product. Some of the reviews from include:

1. By Fritz

“I have used my board for several months now. I take it out most of the weekends. It solidly handles still lakes and stood strong in the protective coves covering the Chesapeake Bay. Overall, I am pleased with the benefits of the board.”

2. By Dillon

“It is a great product offered at a great price. I highly recommend it since I have been using it around the world successfully. Good stuff.”

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