Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10ft Inflatable SUPThere are a variety of these types of boards on the market. One of the newest types of paddle boards are the inflatable models which are easy to transport and to use. One of these models is the Isle 10 ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a full sized paddle board and allow individuals to get a premium paddle board experience in an easy to transport option. Many people will use these boards for their paddle boarding pleasure.

The dimensions of the Kayak 10 x 31×6 foot. is the same size of many standard Paddle Boards.The weight of the Isle inflatable is 24 pounds. The dimensions are available for easy maneuverability in the water. This may be the great board you need that you can use when you are looking for a Paddle Board for personal use or to take on a trip.

This product folds easily into a sleeping bag when not in use so it is one of the prime methods of carrying a Paddle Board with you. The Isle is a paddle board that also has durability. It comes in blue and gray. Isle has been making watercraft for many years so this is something that they excel at.

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The model is not inexpensive however, for convenience and portability one can hardly match the Isle Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a Paddle board that will give individuals something to use, and yet can be folded up as well when not in use. This Paddle Board come with a paddle and also two aluminum paddles for travel.

Those who enjoy Paddle Boarding should enjoy this Paddle Board as it has all the benefits of a standard Paddle Board and comes with all of the convenience and affordability that an affordable Paddle Board can bring. Many people will look to get these options when they are getting the board they are looking for. It is one of the thing that individuals can use for their Paddle Boarding adventure.

It is a state of the art watercraft and one that those are looking to take advantage of when they go out on the water. Use the Isle 10 ft. Inflatable Paddle Board and have the Paddle Board you have always dreamed of in a convenient carry package. It is one Paddle Board you can use and take advantage of over the years.

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