Essential Tips to Maintain And Clean Your Inflatable Paddle Board

cleaning your inflatable paddle boardIf you are new to world of Stand Up Paddle boards, then you must be having a few questions regarding how to maintain your inflatable paddle boards and clean them. Paddle boarding is one of those recreation sports that has caught up a fair bit in the last decade with more and more people willing to try balancing themselves on a paddleboard and experience the thrill and excitement it offers.

While this rise in popularity has led to an increase in the sale of paddle boards, there is also a need to inform the large number of first time paddle boarders about the ways to keep their boards safe and maintained. Many beginners do not have the required knowledge regarding maintenance and some inflated paddle board cleaning tips and repairing advice can be highly valuable to them.

Let us begin with some essential tips to extend the life of your inflatable paddle boards:

Salt water and sunlight is a combination that has the capability to wreak havoc on some of the most resistant substances, so paddle boards are no big deal. Extended exposure to these elements may lead to irreparable damage to the paddle boards. Some things that you must always keep in mind are:

Do not leave your paddle boards exposed to direct sunlight when they are not in use. Sunlight can cause damage to the structure and the material.

Try to leave your paddle boards in the shade if you are at a paddle boarding site. Only covering up your paddle board with a canvas may not be enough to save your paddle board from damage if the outside temperature is very high.

Avoid transporting the boards to the paddling site in the bubble wrap included with the product. Try using a reflective bag for periods when your board may have to be kept in the sunlight.

The paddle boards have vent plugs fitted in them which help to vent gas and hot air that builds up inside your board. These plugs however fail to work properly if the boards expand too quickly.

Essential Inflatable paddle board cleaning tips:

Usually a basic wipe off with a towel is enough to clean your inflatable paddle boards but sometimes you may end up with black scuff marks when the boards scratch against anything during transportation. These marks need more than just a normal wipe down with a towel.

Use an oxygen cleaner to remove the scuff marks. The solution does not work instantly and may need a bit of effort. But once the marks are gone, the boards can be easily wiped down using a towel to remove any residue.

When it comes to inflatable paddle board cleaning tips, Simple Green cleaner deserves to be mentioned. It is a product that delivers excellent results and is non-toxic and biodegradable which is and added bonus. A lot of people use this in their houses as it is an all-purpose cleaner and it can be safely used to clean those marks from your paddle board.

Always ensure that water in the board has enough time to drain out and does not remain stagnant.

Keep the above things in mind if you want to increase the longevity of your inflatable paddle boards and want to have the best possible experience on them. But before you start trying to stabilize yourself, you must learn to respect your board as that is what all successful people do.