Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Touring Model By Wahoo Inflatables

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Touring Model By Wahoo InflatablesThe 10’6” Inflatable stand up paddle board by Wahoo Inflatables gives you a perfect chance to begin exploring your own adventures in surfing. With a smart design and incredible features, this is definitely one of the best paddle boards in the market. Weighing a mere 21 pounds, you can move around with it easily whether in a car or carrying it on your hands. Its portable nature means that it can go from its storage place down below a car trunk to the water in less than 30 minutes.

Besides its convenient thickness of only 6” thick, this inflatable stand up paddle board also features 2 D rings on the bow and stern used to fasten either gear effectively, a seat, an ankle leash and a life jacket. It also comes with a back pack, a patch kit and a pump. The 2-year warranty placed on this product by Wahoo Inflatables is an indication that they have enough faith in the strength and quality of the material used in its manufacture.

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The Wahoo Inflatable Stand Up paddle board Features & Specifications

· Clean deck convenient for easy on/off fun with 2D rings, a bow and stern

· Two permanently fitted fins with 1 removable to enable straight tracking

· An infinite heavy-duty military-grade drop stitch 145mm fabric to 15 PSI

· Easy to launch, Easy to store and fun to paddle

· Wide no skid area for easy movement all around

· Comes with a free paddle


· Tracks well and has a wide base hence floats more weight easily

· Great material and a good zipper

· Improved pump functionality

· Extremely light hence easy to transport

· Quick and simple deflation


· A bit unstable while not in motion

· Comes with an arm pump only, foot pump would have been better

· The free paddle offered is a bit heavy

Customer reviews

From its easy-to-carry handle to the ties, this board works pretty well. I like its thickness and the non-slick footing on its board.


I bought this board for a road trip and I have never regretted ever since. Besides it being extremely light, it is efficient and floats well in water albeit expensive.


Good board, perfect performance and a nice zipper. The only thing I do not like about this board is its pump since it is difficult to use. I would have preferred a leg pump instead of the hand pump.


I love this Wahoo standup paddle board. It is firm and manageable to carry and use. It is definitely worth the cost.

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Jobe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair Kit

Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair KitOne of the greatest features of the Jobe inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is that it comes in different sizes to suit customers needs. Many clients wishing to purchase paddle boards look at the different sizes available before making a choice. The available sizes are 10″6, 11″6 and 12″6. Having different sizes ensures that customers are able to get what they need depending on their body size. The paddle board comes in three colors: red, race red and green.

This paddle board also comes with several safety features put in place. One of these D-ring for ankle leash, which is made of strong material to ensure safety. In addition, the Paddle board also comes with the EVA anti-slip pad and a Hankley Robberts Valve. These features are put in place to assure customers of the utmost safety when using the inflatable SUP.

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Another important feature on any inflatable paddle board is the portability of the board. The Jobe comes with a webbing carrying handle for easy carrying of the board. It also comes with 3 detachable fins to suit the needs of the user. The Paddle board also comes with a waterproof tarpaulin carrying bag. Since paddle boards are used in the water, having a dry bag is an important feature. In addition, the bag that comes with this Paddle board has backpack straps making it easy to carry around. This is especially applicable when going to and from the beach.

The usability of any inflatable paddle board determines a user’s experience with the product. First, the Jobe inflatable SUP comes with an adjustable 3-section paddle. A user can adjust the paddle to appropriate height thus making it easy to use, carry and store. This is a feature that makes the Jobe inflatable SUP popular amongst many customers. Moreover, this model also includes a high pressure hand pump with gauge. The pump is easy to use thus making it easier for users to inflate their paddle boards.

There are both positive and negative customer reviews. Positive reviews come from customers who feel the product is very functional and versatile. Features such as the D-ring and the ankle leash are seen as a good addition to the product. The large dry carrying bag is also a good feature mentioned by some customers. For customers who reviewed the product negatively, the bulky nature of the package seemed to be a disappointing factor. Secondly, some customers feel that the hand pump is not as effective as it should be as it takes a lot of time to inflate the paddle.

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Tower Adventurer 9ft 10inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP With Pump And 3-PC Adjustable Paddle

With new and innovative inflatable stand up pads hitting the market every single day, it is really going to be very interesting to see how the users of these items are going to make their choice; they will practically be spoil for choice. Below is a review on Tower Adventurer 9’10” inflatable SUP. It is simply considered the best among some of the inflatable pad that are in the market.

DimensionTower Adventurer 9 10 A

If you compare this item with other pads when it comes to its dimensions, this one is by far the best. When inflated it measures 9`10` by 32` *6`and when it is rolled it measures 1 foot that is in diameter and 33“ wide. With this dimension, you will find its storage to be easy.


1. Rigid; this stand up paddle is simply one of the most rigid inflatable paddle with a weight limit of up to 250 lbs on water. Additionally, it can inflate up to a whooping 15 PSI.

2. Portable; the kind of portability that comes with this great item has certainly made it one of the most sought after stand up pad; its transportation is quite easy; besides, it can be stored with so much ease.

3. Durable material; the kind of material that this item has been made from is highly durable. PVC material of military grade and drop stitch construction are two amazing things have gone into the creation of this incredible.

4. Color; Black and white are two major colors that have become quite synonymous with this stand up pad.

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Although, this item comes with quite a number of pros, the following are some of them that that really stood out.

  • It is the best for fast water, as well as, beginners
  • The price is great ad come with other useful accessories.
  • The material that has gone into the making of this item is of high quality

So far so good no major limitation has been reported; however, the bundled equipment might be a problem to many users. However, this is a just a drop in an ocean.

As if that is not enough, this incredible item comes with other accessories that will come in handy when you will be using it. Pump, boards and adjustable paddle made of aluminum are some of the best accessories you would expect if today you decide on going for this stand up paddle. In fact, it is just too good for its price.

Practically, if the good reviews and ratings this amazing product has been receiving from many users is anything to go by, then it has truly lived up to the expectation of many people. Nonetheless, despite of immense benefits this item comes with, it is still very affordable.

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Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10ft Inflatable SUPThere are a variety of these types of boards on the market. One of the newest types of paddle boards are the inflatable models which are easy to transport and to use. One of these models is the Isle 10 ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a full sized paddle board and allow individuals to get a premium paddle board experience in an easy to transport option. Many people will use these boards for their paddle boarding pleasure.

The dimensions of the Kayak 10 x 31×6 foot. is the same size of many standard Paddle Boards.The weight of the Isle inflatable is 24 pounds. The dimensions are available for easy maneuverability in the water. This may be the great board you need that you can use when you are looking for a Paddle Board for personal use or to take on a trip.

This product folds easily into a sleeping bag when not in use so it is one of the prime methods of carrying a Paddle Board with you. The Isle is a paddle board that also has durability. It comes in blue and gray. Isle has been making watercraft for many years so this is something that they excel at.

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The model is not inexpensive however, for convenience and portability one can hardly match the Isle Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a Paddle board that will give individuals something to use, and yet can be folded up as well when not in use. This Paddle Board come with a paddle and also two aluminum paddles for travel.

Those who enjoy Paddle Boarding should enjoy this Paddle Board as it has all the benefits of a standard Paddle Board and comes with all of the convenience and affordability that an affordable Paddle Board can bring. Many people will look to get these options when they are getting the board they are looking for. It is one of the thing that individuals can use for their Paddle Boarding adventure.

It is a state of the art watercraft and one that those are looking to take advantage of when they go out on the water. Use the Isle 10 ft. Inflatable Paddle Board and have the Paddle Board you have always dreamed of in a convenient carry package. It is one Paddle Board you can use and take advantage of over the years.

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Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP And 3PC Adjustable Paddle

Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board and 3PC Adjustable PaddleWhen it comes to inflatable SUP stand up paddle boards, 3PC adjustable boards by Aqua Marina are a great choice. These boards stand up to consumer testing and have excellent online reviews. The board is very rigid and feels very close to hard boards that are far more expensive.

This Inflatable SUP can be inflated to 15 PSI for an extra hard ride, but 10 PSI is the standard and will still give you a great experience. This paddle board comes with a non-slip standing deck surface that helps keep you on your feet rather than in the waves. If you do fall off your board, getting back on is made easy thanks to the built-in handle with a textured grip.

The PVC material composition is very strong, and all seams are drop-stitched for durability. The board is 9’9” by 32” by 4” and comes with a pump, three piece aluminum paddle that is adjustable, three fins, a patch kit and a specially designed carrying bag.

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The board does feature some on board storage, and comes with seven stainless steel D rings for attaching necessities. A simple stretchy cross band allows boarders to attach picnic packs to their boards, paddle to small islands and enjoy lunch. Likewise, this holder can be used for life jackets or other floatation devices.

The Aqua Marina stand up paddle board is an awesome addition to any beach toy collection, and is easily portable for impromptu trips. Even the paddle breaks down and fits easily within the storage bag. An easy to use patch kit is very quick, and can put a punctured vessel back in the water in just minutes. With a very reasonable price, this board is far more affordable than hard stand up paddle boards.

The overall value is very high, the quality is great and the reviews are even better. If you’re looking for a stand up paddle board, this is an excellent choice.

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Aqua Marina SPK1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

The AQUA MARINA SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Board

In the competitive world of Paddle Boards, the AQUA MARINA SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Board has emerged as one of the most popular board this season. Allowing users to experience paddle boarding at its best, the particular paddle board The AQUA MARINE SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Boardgives everyone a chance to show off their skills while looking good. And being inflatable, it does not even end up eating up a lot of space. So let’s take a closer look at what the AQUA MARINA has to offer its users and what others have to say about it.

The Spec Sheet

• Board Length – 900 cm (9’9″)
• Board Width – 75 cm (30″)
• Board Thickness – 10 cm (4″)
• Deck – EVA foam, non-slip
• Net Weight – 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
• Total Load Capacity – 209 lbs (95 kg)
• Air Chamber – 1 nos
• Fins – 3 removable (2 small, 1 large)
• Max Passenger – 1

• Color – 1 (lime green)

Additional Accessories – High Pressure Hand-Pump, Repair Kit, Pressure Gauge, Sports T-Bar Paddle, Advanced Bag

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The Pro’s


Aqua Marine Spk 1 SUP resizeThe aqua marina is truly one of those boards which has been designed keeping the everyday boarder in mind. But what makes it one of the most popular choices for the masses this season would definitely have to be the ease with which it can be carried around. Being completely inflatable, the board can be carried around anywhere and it can be fit into almost anything. Just take out the air, pack the board back into the bag and voila, you’re ready to head on to your next boarding destination.

The overall look of this board is also something which cannot be ignored that easily, because this is easily one of the best looking inflatable boards out there today. And the best part is that unlike other inflatable boards, it also comes with an included repair kit, which allows users to repair their board anywhere. This is truly a feature which comes in extremely handy when boarding over some jagged rocks.

The Con’s


Even though, this is one of the most popular choices this season, there are a couple of cons which simply cannot go unnoticed. The first con for this board would definitely have to be the missing color palate. You would have to admit that the lime green color of the board truly helps it to stand out, but being available in only one color, the board is unable to match up to your personality.

The second con would have to be the limitation of one boarder only. Which means it can only be used by one person at a time, and this restricts the board to remain confined as a starter board.


What Others Have to Say


Now that you have gone through the complete spec sheet and list of pro’s and con’s, it’s that time again to hear what others have to say about the Inflatable Paddle Board. And it goes something like this :

• Even though, I had to get an electric pump to reach the 15 PSI mark, this is one of the best starter boards there is. (T. Hoeting, Amazon)

• The manual pump only goes up to 10 PSI, which makes this board perfect for smaller people. But if you’re able to get upto the 15 PSI mark using an electric pump, this is the starter board you should be looking for. (Josh Reedy, Amazon)

• I love it, I recommend it, lets paddle up for the summer ahead (Andre Zorba, Amazon)

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Advanced Elements ISUP HULA 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Advanced Elements ISUP Hula 11 Inflatable SUP

Advanced Elements ISUP HulaThe Advanced Elements ISUP Hula 11 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board is quick and fast into the water, all you are required to do is unfold, inflate and hit the water in matter of minutes. The new Hula 11 board is extremely light, compact and durable. Weighing in at just 24 lbs, the board is ideal for paddling, kayaking and even surfing.

Despite its light weight, the board can carry up to 250 lbs! This new inflatable board is very easy to store, just deflate it, roll it and store it in readiness for your next trip to the water. It performs best in tidal areas, slow moving rivers and lakes and with the newly added optional kayak seat and leash attachment, surfing have never been more easier and fun.


•It is made with high pressure, drop stitched construction and to top it off a tough double layer PVC tarpaulin for rigid performance and extended durability for when bumping into those reefs when surfing. This is no pool toy please!

• The board’s deck has a large soft foam traction pad which offers solid grip when wet.

• It has 7 stainless steel D-rings which are attached to board to tie your gear down.

• One military valve inflation chamber.• The board features a raised tip to cut those waves nicely.

• It Has 3 removable fins. One center fin and two side fins. Useful when tracking on flat water.

• Very easy to store, deflates and packs perfectly into duffel bag.

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Despite all the cool features this Advanced Elements ISUP Hula 11 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board has, it comes together with this accessories which might come in handy.

• A repair Kit

• Single action hand pump with pressure gauge for easier pumping.

• A Duffel Bag

• Valve adapter

• Three Removable Fins


• Length – 11 feet• Nose – 20.6 inches

• Mid – 30 inches

• Tail – 17.5 inches

• Board thickness – 4 inches

• Fin Length – 8.5 inches

• Weight – 24 lbs

• Weight capacity – 250 lbs

The board comes in color white and orange. Its price ranges from 700$ – 900$. Comes with a One year manufacturer’s warranty. With all the best inflatable stand up paddle board reviews out there, the reviews for this product are pretty good, with customers saying they have used it in rivers and lakes for kayaking,surfing and white water rafting.

It has roughly an average of a 4 star rating out of 5 stars. So if you want the adrenaline rush of surfing high waves using a fast stand up board but the thought of moving around with the thick heavy boards throws you off, hurry up and get yourself one of these from Advance Elements.

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