Newport Vessels Adjustable Umami Stand Up Paddleboard

Newport Vessels Adjustable Umami Stand Up PaddleboardSince the year 2008, the Newport Vessels have been specializing in manufacturing premium-quality inflatable boats. The Newport Vessels have applied their many years-of inflatable boat-building knowledge and experience directly to the sport-of Stand up Paddle boarding and the result is the high quality Umami SUP manufactured by the Newport Vessels which is one of the most durable, functional and one of the best looking inflatable-Stand up Paddleboards that is on the market today.

The Newport Vessels manufacturers produce some of the highest best quality paddles along with various other inflatable boat accessories and they are backed by they provide some of the best, top notch customer services in the boating industry.

The Fiberglass Umami SUP-paddle by Newport Vessel is basically a fully adjustable stand-up paddle-board paddle which can be easily adjusted from 65 Inch long all-the-way up to 82 Inch long.

The paddle normally fits nearly all user sizes ranging from kids or small children all the way to 6’5 Inch tall adults. This paddle shaft is typically constructed using highly strong yet light weight fiber glass & can be easily broken down to 3 separate-pieces for easy storage.

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The Newport Vessels Adjustable-Umami Stand Up Paddle-board Fiberglass Paddle is pretty long, and it will give the user a good and firm bite while in the water & it is comfortable to the hand when boating. For someone who is about 6 inches tall, the optimum paddle-length can be about 6’6 inches or 6 inches and above the head.

Unless you’re over 8 inches tall this great paddle can be easily adjusted to suit your size. The paddle’s twist tight adjustment will allow you to easily-adjust the length & when well secured in the hand tightly, the T-handle is quite rigid and doesn’t easily twist. This high quality paddle from Newport Vessels also easily breaks down to enable easy storage-at a point that is below the twist-tight adjustment, it is a push-button and a pull apart connection which is very secure & it is not likely-to come off or apart accidentally.

The Newport vessels paddle is also quite portable. It also has a great angle which allows the user to have a near vertical-insertion whenever they are reaching towards the nose-of the paddleboard for a full-paddle stroke.

– It has a fiberglass stand-up-paddle board-paddle by the Newport Vessels (which is ultra light weight)
– It has a three piece assembly which allows for a small storage-size or/and portability
-It has a fully adjustable shaft-section which allows for the paddle length to-be adjusted from about 65 Inches to 82 Inches
-The paddle can fit most people ranging from kids or small-children to 6’5 Inch adults.
– The Ultra light weight paddle weighs about 2.3 pounds and it has fiberglass-shaft
-It is fully adjustable
-It allows for easy portability and will require a small size or space for storage.
-The adjustable shaft section feature ensure the paddle will fit people of different sizes.
-The paddle has an aluminum shaft

Other Product Details:
The product length is approximately about 6.0 inches
The product width is about 1.0 inches
The product height is about 36.0 inches
The package length is about 35.0 inches
The package width is about 9.0 inches
The package height is about 3.0 inches

Solstice Aluminum SUP Paddle Aluminum/Black Review

A Solstice Aluminum SUP paddle, Aluminum Black, 84 inch reviewWater-oriented escapades, most especially paddleboarding, can be the ideal way of utmost relaxation and more to the point, spending some quality time with your family and friends.

Most individuals that love outdoor excursions close to the water get an immense kick from rowing up and down rivers, lakes and even the expansive ocean. Which is one of the most adrenaline and fun-filled pastime that anyone could ever engage in.

Despite this, it is always important to note that without the appropriate gear, such ordinarily pleasurable activities, can often turn into veritable nightmares that can dissuade you from ever indulging in them again.

More so when it comes to the distinct kind of paddle you use. With the overabundance of such products available in the market, it can be extremely challenging to distinguish the ideal paddle amongst the multitude of mediocre ones.

This, however, can now be a thing of the past, and by giving the Solstice paddle a try you can rapidly transform your kayaking or even paddleboarding experience into a genuine nirvana. That will always have you yearning with baited breath for the next time you can hit the outdoors.

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To begin with, this product is made of a solid aluminum construction, and is essentially a 3-piece adjustable paddle. This undoubtedly means it is of remarkably high quality and can withstand even the most gruesome of utilization without any detrimental effect on its functionality.

It uses an adjustable compression system that can effortlessly permit you to regulate the strokes you make while on water. Which in extension significantly minimizes the effort required to effectually steer your craft without expending a lot of energy. This paddle can very easily be adjusted from a minimum height of 67” to a maximum height of 87”, presenting plenty of options in effectively regulating it to the exact circumstances you might find yourself in.

Further, this product comes with a highly versatile composite blade that has a heat shrink wrap functionality at the exact point it meets the aluminum handle. This basically means that it will always stay firmly fixed in place while you use this paddle. While also going a long way to guarantee that you can utilize this product without having to worry about replacing this blade prematurely.

Which ultimately makes buying this paddle a very shrewd and cost effective decision when it comes to the all your water sports adventures. Finally, this phenomenal adjustable paddle features an extremely ergonomic T-shaped handle that comes with an indispensable comfort grip. Which will undoubtedly make sure that you do not have to strain your hand to effectually operate as it fits perfectly into your grip.

On the flipside, due to its aluminum construction this paddle cannot float on water and you will have to extra caution while using it to ensure that it does not slip from your grip. All in all, this paddle is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to effortlessly and conveniently steering your way through water.

Surftech Venture Aluminum Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle

Surftech-Adjustable-length-Venture-Aluminum-SUP-Stand-Up-Paddleboard-PaddleThis is one of the best paddles for those who are starting out in stand-up paddleboarding. It helps you to learn faster and is also quite convenient for family use. It enables one to learn how to balance on smooth lakes, waves or whatever that comes in between. Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the latest kinds of water sports that many people have started to gain interest in. It is a sport that is somewhere in between canoeing and surfing and is quite fun.

Features of Surftech venture aluminum adjustable stand-up paddle

It is quite strong and has an aluminum shaft that is light in weight to enable one to paddle with easy especially for learners. The shaft is of standard size hence it is convenient for use by different people. This stand-up paddle is built for touring or riding on waves. It contains a 12 degree angle strong plastic blade with a structural rib which is quite durable. You can adjust it at 67 inches to 83 inches depending on what suits you most. This allows anyone to fit in perfectly even with the single paddle. You can find this stand-up paddle mostly in red or black so it’s up to you to decide on the color.

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This stand-up paddle measures between 67-3 inches in length and has a standard shaft diameter size of 1.16 inches. Its weight is 41 oz which equals 1162.33 g. The ABS blade of this stand-up paddle measures 8.5 inches.

Firstly, it offers great balance whenever you are riding it. If you are learning how to paddle you can bash its shaft on a dock with ease without causing any accident or getting injured. Thirdly, it is built with a T-grip handle which can easily fit in any person’s paws. This prevents the user from having claw cramps as one is learning to paddle. You need not to worry about the plastic blade because it is safe for any user even when the stand-up paddle accidentally comes into contact with a solid object like a rock. Last but not least it is the best paddle to use if you want to switch from flat water to wave riding. The Surftech model is one of the best to go for in the market.

Generally the Surftech Venture Aluminum Adjustable Stand-up paddle is worth spending money on because of its great features. It is not only convenient for home use for family members, but those in business can invest in it too. This is because it offers the convenience of allowing different paddlers to use it with ease. Most of the reviews on this product actually indicate that it is quite good. It can be bought from online stores or even offline at an affordable price. Always ensure that it has all the above mentioned features before buying this stand-up paddle. This is because quality is what actually matters most. A stand-up paddle with all the essential features is safe for use and makes paddleboarding such a fun activity to engage in.

THE SUP Paddle By Advanced Elements

SUP Paddle By Advanced ElementsIf you are a fan of water and water-based sports, then the SUP paddle by advanced elements may be of interest to you. This paddle is a great tool to have if you enjoy kayaking. The paddle has a number of things going for it that make this product worth considering.


The SUP paddle is an adjustable length paddle that can stretch anywhere from 170 cm to 210 cm. This makes it a great option for multiple uses. You can use it to paddle your kayak in different types of waters, where the breadth may be varying.


The SUP paddle is made of an aluminium shaft. This shaft allows for heavy duty grips without any possibility of breaks. The material is also relatively light, which in turn ensures that you can paddle easily. The aluminium metal shaft is also unlikely to rust easily. This means that you can use the paddle for a long time to come thus getting great value for your money. Even under harsh weather conditions, the strength of aluminium will keep the paddle functioning as it should.

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The aluminium shaft is made in two parts for a reason. You can take it apart whenever you need to. This will make it much easier for you to store the paddle in places where the space is quite limited.

The pin lock feature is quite easy to implement. You can use it whenever you want to adjust the length of the SUP paddle. This ensures that you do not have to struggle to adjust the paddle as you are using it. Doing so may cause problems for you, especially if you are in difficult waters. In addition, the pin locking mechanism ensures that you can adjust the length of the paddle securely without worrying that one part is going to move when you do not want it to.

The total weight of the paddle is about 2 pounds in total. Part of thus lightweight feature can be attributed to the aluminium shaft, which is strong, by quite light. You need a strong but light paddle when you are kayaking. Such a paddle is strong enough to use in various types of water. However, because the paddle is also light, you will not feel as if your hands are being dragged down by the excess weight. The SUP paddle may therefore come in handy if you want to kayak competitively within your friends in tow.

The paddle has a ripped blade shape. This blade is around inches by inches in size. The ripped feature contributes largely to the stiffness of the paddle and the blade. You will be in a much better position to go through water while kayaking with less effort and strength. You will not have to worry about the paddle getting bent out of shape and possibly breaking, which can be quite troublesome when plenty of water surrounds you.


The SUP paddle by Advanced Elements has great features that make it a great option for kayaking.

The price of the paddle is fair considering the value it gives you.


The paddle is limited to two major colors: black and silver.

Bottom Line

The SUP paddle is well worth your money if you are looking for a good paddle, which has great features. The color limitations are not worth worrying about.

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Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle

Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass Stand Up Paddleboard PaddleWater is always fresh, and activities carried in water are always fascinating, given the fact that it has a cooling effect, which reduces the chances of sweating. Some of the common water-based activities include canoeing or paddling.

There are different types of paddling and the less common is the stand up paddling. The Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass stand up paddle board Paddle is a great choice if you needed a reliable paddle for the stand up paddle board.

This product is light in weight and it will help you when paddling your stand up paddle board. The paddle has been designed to perfectly fit the Na Pali paddle board. Nevertheless, you can also use it with other paddle boards. It has also been designed to suit you perfectly when you are using your stand up paddle board.
• Light weight: This item weighs less than 992 grams, which gives you comfort when paddling. You will have a balanced weight and it will allow you to freely change sides as you paddle. The light weight is characterized by a complete fiberglass shaft.
• A duck-Foot Shape Blade: This allows you to paddle easily and at a higher pace. The blade is able to push water, without losing control.
• Long enough: The shaft is adjustable and it can be shifted between 160 to 210 cm. This also promotes flexibility when using it. It can suit any person, regardless of their height.
• Comfortable Handling: The edge of the shaft has a protrusion that allows you to hold it firm and prevent slipping off the hand. This makes it safer, especially when you are cruising at a higher speed.

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• Versatility: The ability to change the length of the shaft allows it to be used in different applications. It can be used for cruising with canoes at a high speed or on your stand up paddleboard on a more still lake.
• Cheaper: In comparison to other paddling shafts on the market, this one is cheaper, yet has much to offer. It will cost you just about $62 on Amazon, which is affordable since it can be used for the entire family by anyone, thanks to the adjustable shaft.

The item has no much disadvantage, however, since the shaft is made of fiberglass, it will tend to break easily. This can be disappointing, especially if you are in a competition. This can also be risky if you are cruising at a high speed and in running waters. Nevertheless, the ability of breaking will also depend on the amount of force that you apply to the item. If you paddle at a faster rate, you will most probably use some extra force, which will end up breaking the paddle.

With all that, this paddle is a great tool when to need to paddle through the water, especially if you are using the stand up paddle board, in still waters. However, despite being specifically designed for the stand up paddle board, it can also be used with canoes. It will suit anyone in the family, regardless of their height. In addition, it will fit perfectly in the hands and will not slip off easily, thanks to the edge of the shaft,which has a protruding section to fit firmly in your hands.