Big Board Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Carrier/Sling

Big Board Stand Up Paddle Surfboard SlingThe big board stand up paddle surfboard carrier/sling is a type of a shoulder sling used to carry a SUP board to the water when one goes for surfing. It has an item weight of 1.2 pounds with the shipping weight calculated as 2 pounds.

It makes it very easy to carry the board to the water. It has several features which enable it to be used to carry the board easily. It has handy loops that are used in securing your paddle which is in turn used as a handle.

This makes it even easier to carry the board to the water. The strap can also be used for storage of the board where it is hanged on a wall, thus ensuring that it is safe and clean before it is used again.

The Surfboard carrier has several other features that make it a top preferred choice for carrying surfboards. It has easily adjustable clip on/clip off straps that are created to fit different sizes of boards. The latest type is able to adjust up to 81” circumference.

The board is held in place by a Neoprene non-slip pad that prevents it from sliding out. In order to make the longer walks easy, it contains a system for shock absorption. It has a belt pack that is optional which ensures that you do not have to leave the big board carrier on the beach rather, you go with it.

The Fanny pack contains a large pocket that is mesh-like to stuff the carrier in order to take it with you. It also has a bungee for placing a water bottle, key loop and some pockets for gel and power bar.

The big board stand up paddle surfboard carrier/sling serves the purposes of carrying the stand up paddle surfboard as well as storing it when hanged on a peg on a wall. These types of surfboards are heavy and hence the carrier comes in handy when carrying I from one place to the water. It is used to make the work easier by providing a stress-free mode of transporting the stand up surfboards.

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Big Board Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Carrier  SlingThis type of surfboard carrier has a number of advantages. Even though the stands up paddle surfboards are quite heavy, the eyelet that connects the board and the shoulder strap is very sturdy. It is able to hold strong despite the board being wet after a surfing session. The eyelet can be able to hold a board of 90 lbs weight but the recommended weight is 50 lbs. The board carriers have a guarantee when you purchase them and only 3 surfboard carriers are replaced for every 400 produced.

These surfboard carriers are great to have as they are low cost products that are great especially as they serve two important purposes; carriage and storage. Its clips are the quick release type that does not require one to loosen or undo them. Once the clip is released, the board becomes free. The shoulder pads on this particular surfboard carrier have been made thick to ensure their durability.