Best Standup Paddle Boards For Women – What To Consider

Paddle boarding is becoming very popular, especially for women. This sport allows you to enjoy the outdoors in an active and fun way. Learn about the best standup paddle boards for women so you can make an informed choice on the right board for you. There are some things to consider when looking into this activity. Finding the right board does not need to be difficult if you know what to look for.

A Water Workout For Women

This is a total body workout that also utilizes balance. You will be using your arms, core, back, and legs when you paddle. Even lifting and carrying the board can provide a bit of a workout. Standing on the board and adjusting to the waves, wind, and other elements requires balancing and core muscle work. Women who enjoy Yoga often also find paddle boarding to be a fun experience that uses many of the same principals. In fact, warming up with some Yoga poses before you go onto the water can be very helpful. There is also a very adventurous element to it that women will find interesting and exciting.

How To Start With Standup Paddle Boarding

All you need to start this unique new outdoor hobby is a paddle and a board. You may also want a leash, depending on your swimming ability and distance from the shore. If you are new to this activity, you should consider using a wider board for now. Also consider things like if you are going to be using it in surf zones or calm water, if you want to store gear on the board, and if the board is going to be inflatable or traditional. For the most part, inflatables offer more convenience with plenty of versatility.

Inflatable Options

Do not get the wrong idea about inflatable boards. These are not like pool toys or cheap blow-up novelty items. An inflatable board is durable and can hold up to 12 PSI of pressure. You can use these anywhere, even if you are planning on using it for surf or family recreation. Inflatable boards also have the added benefit of saving space. You can easily pack it into a small car, or store it conveniently at your house or apartment.

Quality Standup Boards

There are two high quality inflatable paddle boards that women will appreciate. These are the Sevylor Samoa Standup Paddleboard Set with 80″ Paddle and the Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable. Both are available through Amazon, which is a secure and trusted site.

The Sevylor Samoa provides a stable workout on the water. It also comes with three removable fins. This provides you with the versatility of using the board in calm water or for surf. A pump and air pressure gauge is included, making it easy to inflate and be ready for the water. The paddle is included, the carbon fiber is lightweight and durable. Finally, you also get a dry backpack to make transport simple and convenient.

Another option is the Advanced Elements Hula 11. It is stiff enough to be used for kayaking, surfing, or paddle boarding. This is ideal for women who are new to the paddle board experience and may not be completely sure about it yet. If the hobby does not work out, you can always use the board for kayaking or surfing. It is durable and stable, and even includes options for a kayak seat and gear tie-down. Included with the board is a pump, valve adaptor, repair kit, and three removable fins.   Find out more about this SUP by clicking here.

Where to Use Your Board

You should also think about where you can venture off to with your paddle board. Generally speaking, you can use a standup board wherever you can kayak or canoe. Think about lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, and bays. The great thing about inflatable boards is that they are easy to carry with you if you plan on hiking to your destination. Surf zones are also perfect spots for it.

This is a great outdoor hobby for women. It provides an excellent full body workout while being fun and exciting. Many people prefer inflatable boards, since they are convenient and easy to transport and store. Pick the best standup paddle boards for women to experience the outdoors and discover a unique new activity today!