Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP And 3PC Adjustable Paddle

Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board and 3PC Adjustable PaddleWhen it comes to inflatable SUP stand up paddle boards, 3PC adjustable boards by Aqua Marina are a great choice. These boards stand up to consumer testing and have excellent online reviews. The board is very rigid and feels very close to hard boards that are far more expensive.

This Inflatable SUP can be inflated to 15 PSI for an extra hard ride, but 10 PSI is the standard and will still give you a great experience. This paddle board comes with a non-slip standing deck surface that helps keep you on your feet rather than in the waves. If you do fall off your board, getting back on is made easy thanks to the built-in handle with a textured grip.

The PVC material composition is very strong, and all seams are drop-stitched for durability. The board is 9’9” by 32” by 4” and comes with a pump, three piece aluminum paddle that is adjustable, three fins, a patch kit and a specially designed carrying bag.

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The board does feature some on board storage, and comes with seven stainless steel D rings for attaching necessities. A simple stretchy cross band allows boarders to attach picnic packs to their boards, paddle to small islands and enjoy lunch. Likewise, this holder can be used for life jackets or other floatation devices.

The Aqua Marina stand up paddle board is an awesome addition to any beach toy collection, and is easily portable for impromptu trips. Even the paddle breaks down and fits easily within the storage bag. An easy to use patch kit is very quick, and can put a punctured vessel back in the water in just minutes. With a very reasonable price, this board is far more affordable than hard stand up paddle boards.

The overall value is very high, the quality is great and the reviews are even better. If you’re looking for a stand up paddle board, this is an excellent choice.

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