Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle

Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass Stand Up Paddleboard PaddleWater is always fresh, and activities carried in water are always fascinating, given the fact that it has a cooling effect, which reduces the chances of sweating. Some of the common water-based activities include canoeing or paddling.

There are different types of paddling and the less common is the stand up paddling. The Airhead AHSUP-P1 Fiberglass stand up paddle board Paddle is a great choice if you needed a reliable paddle for the stand up paddle board.

This product is light in weight and it will help you when paddling your stand up paddle board. The paddle has been designed to perfectly fit the Na Pali paddle board. Nevertheless, you can also use it with other paddle boards. It has also been designed to suit you perfectly when you are using your stand up paddle board.
• Light weight: This item weighs less than 992 grams, which gives you comfort when paddling. You will have a balanced weight and it will allow you to freely change sides as you paddle. The light weight is characterized by a complete fiberglass shaft.
• A duck-Foot Shape Blade: This allows you to paddle easily and at a higher pace. The blade is able to push water, without losing control.
• Long enough: The shaft is adjustable and it can be shifted between 160 to 210 cm. This also promotes flexibility when using it. It can suit any person, regardless of their height.
• Comfortable Handling: The edge of the shaft has a protrusion that allows you to hold it firm and prevent slipping off the hand. This makes it safer, especially when you are cruising at a higher speed.

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• Versatility: The ability to change the length of the shaft allows it to be used in different applications. It can be used for cruising with canoes at a high speed or on your stand up paddleboard on a more still lake.
• Cheaper: In comparison to other paddling shafts on the market, this one is cheaper, yet has much to offer. It will cost you just about $62 on Amazon, which is affordable since it can be used for the entire family by anyone, thanks to the adjustable shaft.

The item has no much disadvantage, however, since the shaft is made of fiberglass, it will tend to break easily. This can be disappointing, especially if you are in a competition. This can also be risky if you are cruising at a high speed and in running waters. Nevertheless, the ability of breaking will also depend on the amount of force that you apply to the item. If you paddle at a faster rate, you will most probably use some extra force, which will end up breaking the paddle.

With all that, this paddle is a great tool when to need to paddle through the water, especially if you are using the stand up paddle board, in still waters. However, despite being specifically designed for the stand up paddle board, it can also be used with canoes. It will suit anyone in the family, regardless of their height. In addition, it will fit perfectly in the hands and will not slip off easily, thanks to the edge of the shaft,which has a protruding section to fit firmly in your hands.