Additional Health Benefits to Paddle Boarding

nicole_pigeon_350Many people are surprised to find that big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton actually spend a lot of time paddle boarding, getting on those inflatable paddle boards and training physically to surf the big waves. There’s a reason many suffers use paddle boarding as a method of training. Not only is it a lot of fun and a great way to get out there in the water, but paddle boarding can provide some excellent health benefits as well. If you’re looking for an exciting, fun exercise that will give you a great workout and improve your overall health, paddle boarding is for you. Here is a look at just a few of the great health benefits you can expect when you hit the waves and have fun with inflatable paddle boards.

Benefit #1 – Builds Your Core and Works Other Major Muscle Groups

One of the great health benefits of paddle boarding is the sport’s ability to build your core and work other major muscle groups. To keep your body stable on inflatable paddle boards, your core has to be engaged at all time. You’ll build those core muscle groups (the lower back and stomach) when you head out paddle boarding. In fact, this sport offers one of the best ways to build your core, since you’re in an unstable environment that keeps you constantly balancing your body weight and engaging your core.

Of course, you won’t just build your core muscle groups when you hit the waves. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of working out several other major muscle groups as well. Paddling will have you working you deltoids, biceps and triceps. Your chest muscles will all be engaged and you’ll be giving your legs a good workout when using the traditional surfer stance on the board.

Benefit #2 – Low Impact Exercise Doesn’t Stress Tendons, Ligaments and Joints

Paddle boarding on inflatable paddleboards is a low impact form of exercise. It won’t put a lot of stress on your tendons, ligaments and joints while you’re out there on the water. Many other forms of exercise that help build your core and other muscle groups end up stressing joints, causing pain and damage. You won’t have to worry about any impact when paddle surfing, which is a huge benefit if you want to be kind to your joints.

Benefit #3 – Have Fun While Building Cardio Fitness

We all know how important it is to build cardio fitness. Regular cardio exercise can help to reduce your risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Paddle boarding is an excellent form of cardio exercise. It may look easy, but you’ll be working your heart and building your cardio fitness. The great thing is that while you’re out there on inflatable paddle boards, you’ll be having a great time so you’re more likely to stick with your new cardio exercise routine.

Benefit #4 – Burn Fat and Tone Up

Another health benefit of paddle boarding is the ability to burn fat and tone up. Since paddle boarding works so many muscle groups at the same time, you’ll be burning a lot of calories and fat. Burning fat and toning up can help you control your weight and avoid obesity related diseases. As you tone up those muscles, blast fat and lose a few pounds, you’ll also start appreciating the way you look.

Benefit #5 – Relax and Reduce Stress

Last, paddle boarding on inflatable paddle boards also provides the health benefit of relaxation and stress reduction. Many individuals today actually deal with illnesses that are brought on by too much stress and not enough relaxation. Taking some time out to have fun and relax can help reduce your stress level, which can boost your immune system and give you better peace of mind.