Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards: What You Need To Know

best inflatable stand up paddle boardsIf your someone who loves to be out on the water, but you really don’t get the rush of surfing and just want to have a laid back time in the sun, then you might want to think about an inflatable stand up paddle board, or SUP for short.

They have the look of a surf board but are bigger, however they serve a different purpose, which, as the name says, you “stand up” and with a hand held paddle, paddle your way down the river or lake.

When The board is fully inflated, the feel is just as hard as your traditional surf board, and is fully capable of supporting up to 350 pounds of weight on the water.

But how do you know which is the best inflatable sup for you? Here we will be reviewing different inflatable stand up paddle boards so you can have all the info at hand and choose the right one for you.


How To Choose An Inflatable Stand Up Paddle-Board

One of the most important aspects of choosing an sup, is stability! You want to make sure you stay on the board and not fall over in the water (duh!). So what measurements should you look for? In other words, you have to find out what size board is right for you. There are several factors you should keep in mind……

Size/Body Weight– Now this can be complicated when it comes to evaluating the stability, the reason for this is this equates to volume along with the length of the board. Depending on how much you weigh will determine the size and length.

Transporting Your Sup– When your going out to paddle board, or when your done for the day, how will you be transporting your board back and forth? If you live close by the water, will you just carry it? Or will you packing it in your car or suv?

Storage– Where will you store your board when not in use? Space in your garage, a spare room or closet. Keep these things in mind, this will determine what size board you should get.

And Lastly

Price– This is self explanatory! How much can you afford to pay for an SUP!

Ultimate Guide: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Aqua Marine Spk 1 SUPAQUA MARINE SPK 1 Inflatable Paddle Board ISUP 3.5read full review
Isle 10ft Inflatable SUPIsle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Pump and 3 Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle (6" Thick) Super Durable 5.0read full review
Advanced Elements ISUP HulaAdvanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable Paddle Board 4.0read full review
Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board and 3PC Adjustable PaddleInflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board and 3PC Adjustable Paddle 9' 9" 4.0read full review
Jobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair KitJobe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard SUP with Pump, Paddle & Repair Kit 3.5read full review
Isle 12ft 6inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardIsle 12 ft 6 inch Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Pump and 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle (6" Thick) Super Durable 4.5read full review
Fisher Aria 11 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board SUP with CaseFisher Aria 11' Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board SUP with Case 5.0read full review


  • Sculpted balance flow curves board design

  • Extra layers of post-inflation lamination for extra stiffness and block air leakage

  • Removable Tri-fin style

  • Anti-slippery pad and kick pad

  • Elastic bungee cords for cargo

  • Stainless steel D-ring on tail for safety leash or t attack kayak seat

  • Optimum air pressure in all conditions,up to 15psi (Most Models)

Pros And Cons Of SUPSinflatable stand up paddle boards

  • Easy to transport

  • Very strong when hitting rocks in whitewater rivers

  • Softer when you fall and you hit the board

  • Takes a bit of time to pump up to the high pressures required

  • Not as rigid

  • Shapes are more limited


Review Of The Top Three Inflatable SUPS

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP

Tower Xplorer 14ft Inflatable SUP

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP with Pump and 3-pc Adjustable Paddle is made of very tough and durable material. This high quality material is a military-grade which can not be easily destroyed or wear out. This means when you buy this boarding paddle, you do not only get quality but also feel the value for your money. Read More….


Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP

Tower Adventurer 9 10 AWith new and innovative inflatable stand up pads hitting the market every single day, it is really going to be very interesting to see how the users of these items are going to make their choice; they will practically be spoil for choice. Below is a review on Tower Adventurer 9’10″ inflatable SUP. It is simply considered the best among some of the inflatable pad that are in the market. Read More….



Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Touring Model By Wahoo Inflatables

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Touring Model By Wahoo InflatablesThe 10’6” Inflatable stand up paddle board by Wahoo Inflatables gives you a perfect chance to begin exploring your own adventures in surfing. With a smart design and incredible features, this is definitely one of the best paddle boards in the market. Read More….